If you haven’t noticed I love all things holidays! If I can decorate it… it will probably be decorated. Now lucky for me my love for crafting and decorating has been passed onto my WONDERFUL little children. So when my son asked me to change our Halloween doors to thanksgiving doors…. With a smile on my face I said of course!!!

**I will do anything to help build basic skills with my kids, but also make it easy on me!**

                Enter the paper chain!











This awesomely easy craft helps your kids with problem solving, pattern learning, and fine motor skills. They will have to solve which medium helps the chain stay together. How to hold the chain and make it stick. As well as make sure the pattern is correct.


– Construction paper of fall colors

– Glue, tape, or  stapler

SImple Steps:

– Cut the paper into equal size strips……….Or do it the easy way and BUY IT LADIES!!!!!

(Make your life easy and go to Michaels craft store.They actually sell paper chain kits. The best thing is that it comes with tape!)


-Now that we have our strips of paper. Have your kids sort it into colors and patterns.

– show them how to make it a circle and help them choose which medium they want to use to keep it together. The rest is up to them. Let them choose the pattern and help them do it. My little girl is 2 …So I would have her make the circle, then I would hold it while she taped it or stapled. I would also help her remember the pattern. My four year old did the whole thing himself!

If you loved the turkey and owl on the door. I also got that at Michaels!!!! They have been affectionately named Norbit and HOOT HOOT! They are peel and stick craft kits!

** All supplies were purchased at Michaels crafts store**