Elf on the shelf is back, and mommies everywhere need to be ready for more elf fun. Elves love all things CHRISTMAS and their recipes come from Mrs. Claus herself. My elf often shares what life is like in the north including some of his favorite recipes. So I’m here to share a recipe our elf brought to us from Mrs. Claus herself.

Print out your FREE PDF and have your elf bring all the ingredients needed. Role the recipe like a scroll for the kids to read in the morning. The recipe is so easy all kids should be able to chip in and help.





Tortellini Christmas Trees

Cheese tortellini
Pesto sauce
Cherry tomatoes

Simple Steps:
Step One: Bring water to a boil
Step two: While your waiting get out your tree decorations.( tomatoes, pretzels, and cheese) Cut your tomatoes so they are circles. (They will become your ornaments) Get out the cheese slices and cut out a star. (I used my star cookie cutter) Or you can free hand it!! Nothing has to be perfect.
Step Three: Cook your tortellini according to package. Drain once cooked
Step Four: In the same pot pour pesto sauce over noodles and mix.
Step Five: Create your tree! I place one tortellini then two under….. So on and So forth Keep going until you’re satisfied with your tree.
Now add your tomatoes, cheese star, and pretzels as garnish.
Serve warm and with a Santa hat on!

Enjoy some elf cuisine!