5 Minute Snow Globes

These wonderful globes will spark a child’s imagination and transport them to a wonderful place of make believe. They were so easy I decided to extend craft time and had them also illustrate a story about the characters inside. This five minute craft turned into a wonderful extended learning experience.
As they made the pictures I wrote the story it was fun for us all!

This can be done without water. Instead of glitter choose a white snow found in the small displays section.  Just omit the glycerine.


Mason jar– any size
Glycerin – found in the food section
Waterproof glue
Plastic Trees
Plastic Figurines- Micheals craft store has a whole section of these Merry Minis figurines



Simple Steps:
Step one: Take the lid off your jar and turn it over. Glue your figurines to the top of the lid. (I used hot glue. )

img_20161129_134916 img_20161129_141146







I originally glued the figures directly on the lid. When I put it in the bottle I felt they were not high enough. So I grabbed some extra marbles I had from my sons fish tank and glued them in. I felt like it added the extra height needed in the jar.

Step Two: Fill your jar with water


Step Three: Add two to four drops of glycerine to your water jar.

This makes the glitter fall slowely

Step Four: Add your glitter to the water in the jar



Step Five: Place your lid back on the jar and secure tightly.

Step Six: Turn it over and shake!


This is so simple I hope you enjoy creating these wonderful snow globes for your home!

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