Hello my lady friends!!! It’s good to be back… Sorry for the lengthy time in between posts, but remember I’m a mom of little’s trying to keep them alive!
Since we spoke last I have been planning birthday parties, working with clients as an organizer (like always), raising these two, and making an egg costume in a few days!…..What a life we moms lead! So since another holiday is fast approaching I’m going to throw out a few ideas for you to celebrate. In an easy simple fashion of course! Nothing too crazy…….Like we got time for that!


St.Patricks Day Food:

Breakfast is store bought donut holes which I paired with green milk. In the past I have use a cookie cutter for clover pancakes or toast. Lunch is store bought tortellini tossed in home made pesto with green bean stems. Snack is a rainbow of fruit with a yogurt cloud. For dinner ……please forgive me, but I forgot the pick of green pasta. I used the veggie pasta from you guessed it…. THE STORE! We can all use a little help every now and then!


St. Patrick’s Day Bath:

This was fun! I used lots of bubble bath and put plastic coins in the bottom so they couldn’t see well, and had them hunt for the gold coins the lepricaun left.

St. Patrick’s Day outfits:

Simple green outfits worked well. I bought them hats from the dollar store and jazzed them up with the four leaf clovers I had from the bath. Two fun times in one!


St. Patrick’s Day Hair:

Step one: Split the hair in three parts
Step two: twist each section under and separate the ends into two parts.
Step three: twist each part until it comes together in the middle. I had to Bobby pin this so it stayed.

I have never been the biggest St. Patties day fan,but always look for a reason to give the kids a different day then all the others. That’s why the simple way was best for this! Hope this gives you some ideas! Also on a side note I’m sure you have noticed my pictures are not perfect or stylized, and that is because this is real life. I actually feed this to my children and snap a quick photo before its jammed down their throats or thrown on the floor. Its real life lady friends and we all live it!