The easiest way to become a BAH HUMBUG this holiday season is by not taking the time to sit down and collect your thoughts and plan your schedules. There is so much we have to do and places to go in one month. It’s all joyous, but also stressful if we didn’t plan out the month properly. My head is exploding with the thoughts of mistletoe, school concerts, office parties, buying gifts (and wrapping them), decorating, baking. WOW this list could go on and on.

Ok I didn’t mean to stress you out there!!!

“Lets take a breathe” …. Now one in ….. And one out…

Now we are ready to take some simple steps to have a more relaxing and productive holiday season!


Step One:

Gather all information for the month. This means get all your family members schedules in one folder… and begin writing down what you want /need to get done as well.

*** Pro Tip: Write your tasks in large categories first. i.e: decorating , gift buying , cookie baking, crafting… Then break it out into smaller groups while making your schedule..i.e.: bake a specific cookie on a specific day***

 Now that I have gathered my info. I will pour a cup of my favorite holiday beverage and begin making my plan.


Step Two:

Get out your calendar. (I use a written and digital method) Put all your family members schedules you already gathered in front of you and begin at day 1. Really do not skip ahead…. Start writing in your calendar if there are any school and office obligations. Then add in your to-dos. (the list of large categories you already made). Now is the time to see what you can assign others as well. Husbands, friends, boyfriends I’m thinking about you!!

You are not alone in this! See if your friends would like some things taken off their plates too. Like baking!

Host a cookie swap, but don’t put more on your plate. Meet at starbucks or panera! Use this time to enjoy the people in your life without the stress of hosting!


Step Three:

Follow through on your plan. You took the time to make this season a wonderful one. Now enjoy life and what the season is about! Family, Faith, and Thankfulness!!!

Download Calendars Here: http://diyhshp.blogspot.com/2013/01/home-management-binder-weekly-calendar.html

This site is great because it offers free blank printables.

**Pro Tip: Go to pintrest and type in free printable calendars. If you don’t like this one . You can choose one that speaks to your heart. If you like the look you’re of your calendar you’re more likely to follow the plan.***

 My favorite free printables come from Eliza Ellis, but do to copyright issues I can’t link it here. There are so many wonderful choices on her site. Just scroll to the bottom print it out the one you love. (its under where is says download here)They also have great inspirational messages. My Fave is “It’s a Wonderful Week”!

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