Its that time of year again! We need to decorate a thanksgiving table. Hooray!!!!!
If your like me you take most your time thinking about what the adults table will look like, and forget about the kids. Sometimes the day comes and their table is bare! Oh the tragedy!!!
Well I’m here to save the day with this interactive thanksgiving centerpiece!!! You probably have the supplies already on hand too!


Plastic Cup
Card Board (or other sturdy material)
Construction Paper
Googley Eyes
Tape (for the day of thanksgiving)

Simple Steps:

Step One: Begin by cutting out two varying sizes of cardboard/  What sturdy material you have on hand

**Tip: I used my medium and small mixing bowls as templates. They nest inside one another and are a perfect size I wanted for tracing.**

Step Two: Your kids can paint the circles. I used cardboard so it’s already brown,but as you can see my kids love using glitter. So we painted and dusted the whole thing.

Step Three: Add the face. Place your googly eyes, waddle, and beak. I also added  feet to the big circle on the bottom. I used the felt for that. **Now let it all dry**

Step Four: While it is drying cut your feathers. These will be placed on the table for the children. Ask them to write what they are thankful for during dinner. At the end you can have them tell everyone what they wrote and place it on the turkey.

Step Five: Once it’s dry. Turn your plastic cup upside down, and glue the large circle on first. I used my hot glue gun, and then hot glue the head to the body that is firmly on the cup.


Place the whole thing on a the table. Put the feathers and crayons next to it. Let the kids fill out the feathers and add it to the turkey with tape. The kids will love filling the plume out, and this gives you a wonderful centerpiece for next year as well!!!