Lunch can get boring every now and then. So I like to get inspired by the holidays to spruce up everyday lunches for my kids. My usual rule of thumb is the kids choose a fruit, veggie, and a protein for lunch. Today they chose an apple, bell peppers, and peanut butter. I wanted to make Thanksgiving week special and decided to present their choices in a fun way.

Thanksgiving Gobble Sandwiches

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  • Bread
  • Choice of fillings (our was PB&J, but have done all types of fillings)
  • Candy Eyes or Chocolate Chips (purchased at your local grocer or Michaels Crafts Store)
  • Candy Corn or Carrot
  • Edible Gel (also found at grocery stores and Michaels)
  • Apple (or any fruit. I have also used oranges and strawberries)
  • Bell Pepper (Or others colorful veggies)

Simple Steps:

Step One: Cut or Peel your veggies and fruit

Step Two: Make your sandwich

Step Three: Cut a circle on the center of your sandwich. I use a cup that I run my knife a long to create a nice circle. If you have a cookie cutter that is a circle that would work too.
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Step Four: Begin to place your cut fruit and veggies around the circle to mimic turkey feathers.





Step Five: Add the finishing touches by placing the eyes, nose, and waddle on the sandwich. For the feet just pipe the gel in the shape of legs.





Your kids will love seeing their food as art, and gobble this up! The more colorful the fruit and veggies you choose the more colorful the turkey plume will be. Our apples were cored and peeled with our peeler. My little girl loves to help cooking and she can do this by herself. I love getting her involved in the process. Enjoy your special lunch with your kiddos!