Finding a Blessing in Little Moments….. even Mondays!

Manic crazy Mondays happen every week for me. It is my shopping, meal prep, get to school, work, write, and start of laundry day. I never sit down or give myself a break, but this is my life. I know this is everyone’s life. Whether your a mom or not we all pack our schedules like crazy.

This is not a bad thing I can handle it and majority of the time keep my sanity.  Seriously Nobodies Perfect!!!  But over time I was going to bed focused on the next day and only satisfied with what I had accomplished. You could say I was NOT smelling the roses, and completely missing the blessing right in front of me. I was missing the joy in the little moments. I saw a video from another mom who decided to take these moments back, and I am putting them into simple steps for you to also take back your joyful moments.

Simple Steps


Step One: Buy a blank notebook that brings you joy. This means one you like to pick up and look at.


Step Two: Every day write down one moment that brought you joy, or was the best part of your day. Let this be simple don’t over think it.


Step Three: Do this every day at night. That way you end your day with a joyous thought.


This simple process slowly began to change my everyday. Rather than focusing on the next step I began living in each moment looking for what I was going to write that day. It changed my heart and mind. I began noticing sweet little things in everyone I spoke with, worked with, loved and am raising.  I can’t wait to see this book at the end of the year. I know there will be very hard days to do this, but I know that if I think hard enough I will find a joyful moment then too.