OK fine!!! I will admit it….. I am a tea and coffee addict. I will have two of these wonderful beverages a day, and love to change my choices from week to week. I keep mine close to the coffee maker, and do not have a lot of counter space in my kitchen. So I made space in a cabinet above the machine. I have a dream of a cute coffee cart area which will one day happen, but until now I need it organized where it is. Buy your jars! Type “Stackable Glass Jars with Metal Lids”

The Problem:

I had too many boxes of tea and coffee. Plus children’s drink options. I would have a whole bulky box with only two left in the box. Then I would buy more because I was almost out. Then not have enough room for the new boxes. I was like come on coffee God el Latte’s!!! Please fix this problem!

Then one day at Target the Gods shined a bright light on these wonderful square jars and my simple steps fell into place!

Simple Steps:

Step One: To fix the problem I had to make large categories of what I had. Example: Tea, Coffee, Cold Drinks, Cocoas

This way I knew how many jars I need and what size products I had. I will never buy before I categorize. It’s my number one rule of organizing.

If you buy too many most people don’t return containers. Now I cluttered my kitchen with something I don’t need. If I bought too little I am most likely not going to finish the project! Ain’t nobody got time to waste like that!

Step Two: Go online and order your container solution.

I only say this because I saw the jars took pictures of the sizes and went back home to check on my categories. (I was not about to take a trip back to the store for the jars)

Step Three: Put the items away in their new storage containers.

Step Four : Labels! I bought these at a craft store yrs ago. But there are varying versions on targets website. I went for a chalkboard version. If I end up having more tea one day or coffee I can change the label with my chalkboard pen. I use the pen so it won’t rub off when I take it out every day.

Enjoy your new coffee experience!