Christmas was amazing this year we had 18 people under one roof which was hectic to say the least, but also exciting and full of joy. Im sad its over but am very excited about getting back to my routine and the year to come.

Its the time of the year to put away our decorations. Usually this is an easy task for me, but I am a mom and we have been battling stomach flu, colds and coughs. So I am actually putting them away after the new year!

If your anything like me I have decor in every room and love making Christmas magical. Except when I comes to taking it all down and the task seems a bit overwhelming. My hopes are that you will find the task a little easier this year by following a professionals steps in taking down and putting away your decor for the year!

Step One: Start by collecting all the easily movable decor in a central location.
Pro Tip: This is the best time to start categorizing your decor. You can choose to categorize as you wish. I choose to categorize by whats the most fragile, and by type of decor. Ex: Pictures goes in its own bin as well as fragile trees and figurines.

Step Two: Gather your bins and bring them to the decor.
Pro Tip: If there is anything left in your bin that was not put up this year. Evaluate why it was not put up. Is it broken, old, or not fit the theme? That is an easy let go. We accumulate by not letting go. Make your choices now!

Step three: Start putting away each category or room. This should be the easy part. The hard part was getting it together. Use this time to feel rewarded. Once a category is done or room is done being put away. Pat your self in the back! You did it!!!

Pro Tip for greenery: Roll it tightly place in plastic bag to protect from dust or possible water damage. Then label it where it goes into the house. I have different sized windows so having my greenery labeled is a big help when decorating.




Step Four: Put your decor into long term storage. The best place for this is behind things that you will need more often throughout the year. You put the effort into packing each thing just right. Now dont let this decor be in the way the rest of the year. This is also the time to get donates into the car and drop them off.

Step Five: RELAX!!! Unwind from your holiday and put some memories into your memory bank for life!