Winter and I have a love hate relationship with one another. This is partially because I live in Colorado, and also because I do not like to be cold. This year had me fooled I honestly thought winter was never going to come. And I would never need to bring out my winter gear. Then BAM out of nowhere winter came. I really am serious my kids were playing at a park in 74 degree weather one day, and the next day they needed full winter gear!!

I have limited space in my house to accomplish what my family needs for winter. I have a half closet on my main floor and that’s it. So what I have on immediate hand is simple and concise.

***Professional Organizer Tip: Never buy organizing solutions (containers for it to go in) before you go through your things.***





Before: Summer Closet

Note baseball hats labeled by family member, and my daughters to go bag. This is a bag I take with us everyday. We are still potty training and the extra clothes are needed. When I had a baby this was the diaper bag area.








Organized Mom Life

Winter Closet




After Closet: Winter gear including snow boots











Simple Steps:

  • Step One: Start with a clean slate. Clear out the closet you are putting your winter gear in. This means TAKE EVERYTHING OUT! Trust me use this as the time to take out what should NOT be there and put it back where it goes. If it is summer coats and gear. Place aside. (you will address this later). If you already have summer storage containers use this time to put it away.
  • Step Two: Next begin by getting out “every” piece of winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves you have.
  • Step Three: Now sort them by family member. Then see what still fits the kids and you. Set aside or place in donate bag what does not fit, is torn, or worn out. (you will come back to this later)
  • Step Four: Hang coats grouped by family member in the closet.
  • Step Five: Now choose your storage! You can either go buy new solutions that fit your closet and the amount of clothes being stored, OR you can reuse ones you already have. Which is what I do! Now put each family member’s items in the storage solutions and your done.
    •  I already had these plastic bins. The husband and son categories were larger so they each got their own bins. My daughter and I easily fit in one together. Another reason I combined ours was because I will be getting her and myself dressed to go at the same time.

***Pro Tip: I always use plastic bins for storage. This way if anything happens during the year I know my clothing is safe.***

  • Step Six: Add your labels!! Without labels your family won’t know where to put it back. My favorite thing in the world is washi tape and permanent marker. This way I can change the bin easily or use it for something else if needed. Its also quick and easy! Now who doesn’t love that!!!
Organized Mom Life

Winter closet

  • Step Seven:  If donating items from this summer and last winter. Place the bag in your car and put it on your next errands day. If giving it to a friend text them and see when the soonest time they can get it from you.

***Pro Tip: I always place a timeframe on donate items and pick ups from friends. I have already decided they have no use in my house and life. So I get rid of them as soon as possible. No longer than one week***

Each family member gets to hang:

  • one wind breaker
  • one fleece
  • one winter coat
  • The kids get their snow pants in the closet too

Each family member gets a basket and it holds: (My daughter and I share one)

  • winter hats/ ear muffs
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • one baseball cap

***Pro Tip: The less you have on hand for you and your family to deal with. The easier the upkeep and less time wasted looking for what you need***

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