Family Movie Night Christmas Edition

Take movie night to the next level with this themed sandwich. Pair it with a christmas classic…..Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!


Fillings – I used pb & honey it’s simpler to cut
Googly eye tooth picks/ Candy eyes/ Choco chips – I made my tooth picks by gluing googly eyes on the end of a tooth pick
Red candy – I have used skittles and M&Ms
Heart shaped cookie cutter

Simple Steps:
Step One: Make your Sandwiches. Use any filling your kids love. – I used peanut butter and honey this time.


Step Two: Using your cookie cutter or a sharp knife cut out your bread into a heart shape. Remove all excess and place aside.


Step Three: Add you decorations. Place the pretzel antlers to the humps of the heart, and the red candy nose at the pointed tip. Add the eyes to the middle.

Step Four: Eat and enjoy!

I also add reindeer food to the plate. Carrots, and ranch dressing. If you’re eating a reindeer you also have to eat like one!!!