January has become National Organizing Month! Hooray for people like me that find the thought of organizing relaxing, but daunting for someone who doesn’t find this fun.

Organizing is easier than you may think and It all starts with the right plan. Whether you think your house is already a show home, or your house is so full you don’t know where to start. We can all learn this skill. Organizing is a skill….. honestly, and with this series of posts you can organize and love your home. I promise if you put the work in you can truly love your home and find it easy to live in.

Step one of organizing starts with the right plan. Most of you may want to skip this step. I’m PLEADING with you DO NOT skip this step take the time and you will actually organize your whole home!

Step One Planning and Zoning Every Room

Simple Steps:

Step One: Begin by getting out a piece of paper and sitting in one room. Only think about this room and what function you want it to have. Ask yourself what is the function you want this room to have? What is hindering that function?

Now start zoning the room. Zoning is a professional word organizers use… It means look at the stuff you have and begin creating a space or zone in your home for that object.  *Use your paper to help you.*

Pro Tip: If you have a lot to deal with begin looking at the Big Picture. Ex:  Think large categories first! If it’s a mud room Big Picture categories would be ….all shoes, all coats, all bags. If you have less to deal with and are trying to perfect the room you can focus on smaller categories. Like individual persons items. Ex: moms shoes, moms coats, moms bags.

*Remember this is all only the planning stage and all on paper*

Step Two: Move to the next room and begin Big Picture planning and zoning there. Do this room by room until each room is planned and zoned. This method will allow for you to consider everything that is in your home and for you to make each room have a specific function.

Zoning your home is KEY to maintaining organization after you do the work. Do Not Zone books in several rooms. Choose one room that books will go in and pt all books there. This way when you buy a new book you already know where it will go in your home.

Step Three: Go over your planned home on paper. Make sure you have considered ever category you may have. Once your happy with the function of each room and you considered each category for your stuff. The hands on work begins!!!

Check back for the next Simple Steps to loving your home!