I love the simple things in life! I will never claim to be an artist or the most creative person on the block, but irregardless of my talent level my children will feel the love. I am a busy mom of two with a job, school drop offs,  sports classes to get them to, and a house to maintain. Without much time I have done some simple gestures that I think you will enjoy as well. Just remember never be paralyzed by perfection! None of us have much time and even though its not exactly how you wanted it executed. Do it anyway…. I have!!! I even put it on the internet!

Simple I Love You

Say I Love You at Breakfast:

Bear Toast is made with peanut butter bananas and choco chips. The other toast is cut out with different size heart cookie cutters topped with cream cheese, jam and sprinkles. The heart in the milk is dyed ice I froze in a mold.


Say I Love You at Lunch:

All these are different forms of sandwiches. One I sent with them to grandmas when I couldn’t be there. The Others are is grilled cheese, PB&J, and cucumber cream cheese.


Teach the Kids How To Make Someone Else Smile:

I turned my little one into a conversation heart for pink day at school. It brought smiles to everyone’s faces. He wore it all day and was so glad to make other people happy and feel loved too! It was made with cardboard, ribbon, paint and big stickers!




Set Aside Time for Each Child:

I took my little one to go bowling for the first time. She loved it and had a blast. I took son for ice cream. Not pictured I forgot my phone!



Say I love you During Daily Routines:

Valentine Themed Bath!!! I used foam hearts, pink food coloring for the bath color, ducky’s in pink and red, and pink glow sticks.


Foam Heart Game:

 I reused the foam hearts from the bath  and made a game. I hid the hearts around the house and had the kids find them. Each color was assigned to a family member. When we found a specif color heart each person had to say one thing we love about that person. You do this each time you find that person color. It was a great family love building activity.


Make Friends and Family Valentines: 

Some were printed out and he placed stickers on the back. The others I had both kids use cookie cutters dipped in paint and stamped on the page. I then cut them into shapes for the grandparents. Its something the made by themselves with love.





Fill the House with Things They Make:

I am a jar collector. I think I will find uses for them one day. These were old pickle jars that I had the kids decoupage with cut up tissue paper. I LOVED THIS CRAFT!!! They got to practice their cutting skills and glue skills. Make sure you paint the jar with the decoupage first then add the paper and paint over again. I added ribbon and electric tea lights. Even my two year old did this!