About Our Day After Christmas

18 people under one roof... half are kids... how to stay organized.
Get Your Organizing Tubs

Make a Toy area

Life is short, enjoy the moments!
Did your kids get a large set of toys for Christmas? Stay organized by keeping the large items in a corner where they can be played with, and not be in the way of foot traffic.

Allow of Singing

Let messes be minimal by creating a play area to becoming front and center
Stay organized by giving a place for kids to play and sign expressing the joys of Christmas, it also allows for them to use their new toys in a creative less messy way.

Know When to Sit

Christmas is a time of family and enjoyment.
Know when to sit and enjoy the moments. When things get crazy at Christmas time know that the messes are not forever and the times we learn to sit and plan can be just as valuable as the times we move.

Timely Support

Pro Tip: Know your limits and give room for organizing to take longer than expected. Once on a roll it makes it easier.

Innovative Ideas

Pro Tip: Start by sorting all gifts by people and family members. Decide where gifts will be going.

Use Technology

Pro Tip: Use evernote or something like that to make lists on your phone and check them twice.

Clear Communication

Pro Tip: Talk to family members about plans before hand that way expectations are easier to meet and moments can be captured.

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