Wow what a process you have already been through. Take a step back and congratulate yourself on doing a job well done! This is the last step and most simple in my opinion. You have done the hard work and made your plan, set up your catagory, and now you get to put it away. This is the best part you can choose how you want to the room to be and make it your dream.

We will keep with the theme from the other posts and I will explain with using an office as my example.

Simple Steps

Step One:

Choose one category you have already made decisions on. Like office supplies… This means we got rid of duplicates. We went through markers, pens, ect…and if they don’t work they are gone.

Step Two:

Choose your container solution. This means what does the category fit it, and what drawer of shelf will it go on. Put the pencils in containers and so on. Now get it put in it’s zone.

I suggest staying with your zones. If you have too many office supplies create a shelf for overstock and only keep a few within reach. That way your mind is free to think about work and not clutter.

Step Three:

Do this for every single category you have until your done.

Pro Tip: This is when you can get bogged down by having too many small catagories. If you only have a few pencils and pens. Put them all together in a container. Sometimes too many containers can hinder our organization.

Roadblock Alert: This is also a step that perfectionists often stop organizing. They tell themselves they can’t finish until they have the perfect container or furniture piece. Please don’t stop…..use what you have now!  Get organized. Then go on Pinterest for inspiration and decide your perfect look.

Step Four:

Now you can go buy containers or proper furniture. If you need it!

Pro Tip: I like to re-purpose things from throughout the house. I don’t prefer to buy more while I’m pairing down. See if there is a bookshelf or empty Tupperware without a lid that can suit your needs instead of purchasing.

Step Five:

Reward yourself!!!! Organizing is hard to do. You just taught yourself a new life skill, and changed the way you live!


Congratulations and thank you for sticking with me. If you continue this same process in every room of your home. I promise you will be transformed as a person!!!